We offer a vast collection of umbrella brands such as FIBERBUILT, NEO, POGGESI, & SKYSPAN. Any type of umbrella you may need, whether it be for a restaurant, resort, office or home, can be found at DallasUmbrellas.com.

Umbrellas are as varied as automobiles. They can be simple, fancy, big, small, different styles, colors, brands and prices. All are unique, and all offer something different. At Dallas Umbrellas, we offer a personal consultation in order to help you decide which umbrella will best fit your needs. Because an umbrella is an investment in your décor.

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We offer a vast collection of umbrella brands such as FIBERBUILT, NEO, & SKYSPAN. Any type of umbrella you may need, whether it be for a restaurant, resort, office or home, can be found at DallasUmbrellas.com.

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Our Featured Umbrellas


firebuiltThe Fiberbuilt Umbrella line features patented fiberglass support “RIBS”, which bend but do not break. Unlike traditional metal and wood ribs, these fiberglass ribs are strong and resilient – bending and flexing to absorb wind without breaking or disfiguring…in winds up to 50 mph (tested at The University of Miami)!

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The Skyspan line offers durability in winds up to 75 MPH when opened and over 90 MPH when closed. Barring a hurricane, these umbrellas will withstand almost anything. All Skyspan Umbrellas are 100% UV rated and waterproof. With several different designs, there is a look that will suit your restaurant, pool or resort.

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neoA wide range of selection is offered by Neo, including their most popular Fiberglass Ribbed line, which allows the umbrella to endure heavy winds and keep its shape. By bending and flexing to absorb wind without breaking, the Neo Fiberglass Ribbed Umbrella line is just what you need if you reside in a wind-prone area.

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FIM Contract Cantilever Umbrellas are now available in Dallas! These are an elegant and beautiful option for your cantilever needs. FIM Umbrellas are an Italian import, designed and manufactured in Italy. They offer high quality, modern, aesthetically beautiful, classy umbrellas in many sizes and shapes to meet every need.

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poggosiPoggesi Cantilever Umbrellas are imported from Tuscany, Italy and assembled in Miami, FL. These beautiful cantilever umbrellas are extremely strong and durable. Ideal for restaurants, resorts, and homes with high traffic. The Poggesi Cantilever line is Italian artisan mastery applied to an umbrella. Custom printing available.

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caravitaOur European-designed and manufactured shades are built to last, so you won’t need to replace them every season. Our durable construction stands up to frequent use, and our fabrics retain their shape and color for many years–guaranteed choose the fabrics, frames and accessories to create a custom shade solution that’s just right for you.

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iconThe Jaavan Nassau Cantilever Umbrella is a state of the art cantilever umbrella that doesn’t break the bank. The Jaavan Nassau Cantilever is made with a polished aluminum hardware and can tilt as well as rotate a full 360 degrees.

This is a commercial grade umbrella that is great for restaurants, resorts and sidewalk cafes. AND it’s easily set up and ready to go in minutes.

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The Shade Experts USA

 The Shade Experts USA runs a full line of commercial patio umbrellas designed to give a stylish, practical and durable experience. The offset patio umbrellas will add spice to your space, patrons, clientele and fans. There are a thousand and one reasons you’d want to make your next commercial outdoor space designed by The Shades Experts USA, some of which include superior quality products, exceptional customer service and amazing prices. With our shades, you can create and recreate comfy, pleasant warmth for your visitors instead of exposing them to the dangers posed by the sun.

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SHADE SYSTEMS Cafe Umbrellas – an inside look:

Café Umbrellas by Shade Systems are beautiful, durable, portable and collapsible, providing convenient shading for a variety of outdoor environments such as pools, water parks, theme parks, concessions, restaurants, patios, and other outdoor gathering places where people desire protection from the sun and dangerous UV rays. Cafe Umbrellas are large commercial market umbrellas that add style and color to outdoor gathering areas.

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